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My name is Nolvia and I'm 18 years old. My boyfriend and I welcomed our stillborn beautiful babyboy on June 27th 2011. It has been a roller coaster but here we are...taking it day by day!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Day!

I didn't really think it would be bad at all... but seeing all the babies dressed up, knowing I could have dressed Jacob up got to me. Some family member's were discussing how I shouldn't have gotten him a pumpkin because Halloween is a Satanic holiday or whatever... but kids love the whole trick o treating and dressing up stuff, I thought getting him a pumpkin was a small gesture to just show that he's in my heart...and I'll always do a little something on days like yesterday... or all the upcoming holdays! My boyfriend and I were giving out candy lastnight and we just started talking about what Jacob's costume would have been of... I said a Lovebug so I could say he was my little lovebug and my boyfriend just smiled :) <3

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  1. Halloween doesn't have to be shown in a satanic type of way. When I decorated this year I chose to use cutsey type of decorations. Everything with smiles and pumpkins and colorful things! I wanted to share this holiday with Lauren but the same way I would have if she was here. <3