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My name is Nolvia and I'm 18 years old. My boyfriend and I welcomed our stillborn beautiful babyboy on June 27th 2011. It has been a roller coaster but here we are...taking it day by day!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My story!

My story begins on a January. I had been feeling so nauseous, never did it cross my mind that I could possibly be pregnant. I thought it was something bad I had ate at a Mavericks basketball game so I didn’t really pay much attention to it. I felt so sick for a good week. One day, my friend and I were leaving school and I was laying down in the backseat. I felt so dizzy and nauseous but at the same time hungry… she took one good look at me and said “You’re pregnant, I can tell”. I laughed at her and said “you’re so dumb… my period should start this week and I’m cramping!” She thought it would be better if we took a pregnancy test just because she had that thought in the back of her head. I agreed, we bought the cheapest test since I was so sure I wasn’t. I remember going into a Taco Cabana because she wanted to do it ASAP. We went into the Ladies Room and I peed on the pregnancy test… not even a minute passed and it was already positive. I wasn’t sure I was reading it right so I handed it to her (all cleaned) and she just starred at me as I walked out of the stall. She began to get tears in her eyes and said… “it’s positive” and I said Yeah… it is! and she said why aren’t you crying? why are you so happy? I simply told her that I couldn’t be sad or surprised if I had unprotected sex. I called my boyfriend and told him that I had just taken a pregnancy test and that it was positive… he said “COME TO MY HOUSE RIGHT NOW”
I took the test to his house… and there it was. I was in denial for a while so I had to make an appointment. The day after my mom asked me what was wrong with me? I explained to her how I felt and then she asked me if I was pregnant and I told her I didn’t know, that I had made an appointment in a week.
At my appointment I took a pregnancy test and it was confirmed, I was pregnant 9 weeks!
For an 18 year old I think I was pretty darn excited from the very start. I loved my baby already, the second I found out I was pregnant. The ladies that helped me out offered me my first sonogram and it was absolutely beautiful. My baby was very active… it was amazing! When his daddy touched my arm, he kicked and we saw it on the screen. The weeks went by and I just got bigger… and bigger, excited to see my little man!

16 weeks, I got a call from the hospital. They told me they wanted to speak to me and I got so scared the doctor assured me it was nothing bad, so I believed him. When I stepped into the hospital I was sent to the COMPLICATIONS area and instantly I knew I had been lied to. I waited… and waited, for a good 15 minutes that seemed to be hours and they finally called me. They wanted to tell me that their was an 0.2% chance that my baby could have down syndrome and that their was a test available that I could take so that I could find out if he did have it. The only problem was that the test consisted of poking your placenta and that had a 5% probability of miscarriage, instantly I said  No… I would much rather have my baby boy here… with or without down syndrome than to risk his life by taking that stupid test! When I told my boyfriend what the doctor had said... I couldn't get it out. I felt like crying, I knew my baby was healthy and everything was fine and I didn't want my boyfriend to feel what I felt when I heard that... I finally got it out and we laid down cried together, and finally just talked. We both felt the same way... we wanted our babyboy no matter what!
I was still going to school, it was my last year, I felt so motivated to finish school with a little extra of  Prom Queen. :) When I  Graduated I was 24 weeks, I remember during the ceremony there was a little party in my belly, Jacob wouldn't stop kicking, as if he felt my happiness!
26 weeks, I had a doctor appointment on a Monday June 20th, 2011 I heard my son’s heartbeat…strong as always! Little did I know it would be the last time I heard it.

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